Richelle Ricard

Richelle Ricard, LMT, is an educator, bodyworker, and movement specialist whose work across the Pacific Northwest and beyond has earned her notoriety as the “Anatomy Girl.” She has been teaching yoga teachers about anatomy, kinesiology, and preventing injury in asana practice since 2008. Her own twenty-year asana practice has shown her the value of critical thought regarding alignment and execution, and it brought her deeper into understanding of the How and Why we practice yoga. She has written curricula for teacher trainings worldwide and hopes that, together, the yoga teachers of the world can shift out of a practice of rhetoric and regurgitation and into a closely observational style of teaching that honors the individual as well as the deeper energetics of asana practice.

Richelle is currently devoted to designing online support courses for The Yoga Engineer’s Manual and her other teacher training programs, as well as continuing to teach yoga and provide clinical bodywork to her community. Her favorite escapes from her various realities are beaches, mountains, novels, and a long hot bath. Really good tequila also helps.