Rebecca Martinez

Rebecca Martinez is a Xicana writer, community organizer, and social entrepreneur who from and lives in Portland, Oregon. Martinez explores the intersections between collective healing, systems design, and expanded states of consciousness. She is a student of transformative justice, Emergent Strategy, Somatic Abolitionism, and regenerative landscape design. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Alma Institute, a nonprofit educational institution that equips students from marginalized communities to become legal psilocybin facilitators. She’s a Co-Founder of Fruiting Bodies Collective and a staff member of the Measure 109 campaign which produced the Psilocybin Services Act, the first-ever state program to provide community-based, legal access to psilocybin services. Martinez is an advisor to the American Psychedelic Practitioners Association, the National Psychedelics Association, and the Plant Medicine Healing Alliance. She is a voice on psychedelic justice and has been featured in Business Insider, STAT News, Lucid News, and Psychedelics Today.