Liz Lalor

Liz Lalor has been working as a natural therapist in the alternative health industry for twenty-four years. She read her first Materia Medica from cover to cover in 1989 when her son was diagnosed with a rare disease. Through her successful treatment of his illness, she was able to form an unfaltering belief in the unique healing ability of homeopathy. The same enthusiasm and drive that helped her son is evident in this book. Liz Lalor is dedicated to finding a vehicle in which to introduce homeopathy to the lay person. Everyone is interested in their relationships, and a book on homeopathy and relationships is seen by Lalor as an inspirational avenue through which she can introduce homeopathy to the general public.

Lalor has published an extract of her original thesis, “Choosing the Right Partner,” in the Australian homeopathic magazine Similia. The chapters on Carcinosin, and on Carcinosin and Ignatia, have been published in the renowned homeopathic magazine Links. Lalor has a busy and varied homeopathic practice that is concerned with all aspects of health. She has also published and article on her successful treatment of infertility in Similia. Her interest in and successful treatment of infertility has introduced homeopathy to people who would never previously have thought of consulting a homeopath.