Jesse Coomer

Jesse Coomer is one of the foremost voices in the world of breathwork today. In 2009, he began a life transformation mission that led him to discover how our physiology and psychology often conflicts with the modern world and each other. In 2020, after studying with neuroscientists and breathworkers from various traditions, Coomer released his first book on breathwork, A Practical Guide to Breathwork, which offered the world a clear and concise understanding of how human physiology and breathing are interconnected. His book has sold thousands of copies all around the world and is one of the most recommended books on the topic of breathwork. Today, Coomer is a human performance specialist, Breathworker, and renowned speaker in the field of Breathwork. He trains athletes, CEOs, first responders, military, and everyday people who seek to optimize their performance, reduce their anxiety levels, and live a healthier life.