True Secrets of Lesbian Desire

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True Secrets of Lesbian Desire

Keeping Sex Alive in Long-Term Relationships

Author: Renate Stendhal Foreword by: Jewelle Gomez

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Renate Stendhal sweeps out the old myths about bed death, the notion that lesbian couples tend to be too close to maintain sexual desire. Her own story and her talks with counseling clients prove the contrary. Stendhal shows that sex is the natural and continuous outcome of a closeness generated by bold honesty and the capacity to speak and hear intimate secrets. Sharing “shameful” desires and vulnerable fears is what love and sexual passion are made of.

Stendhal teaches simple, effective and thought-provoking lessons for any committed or married couple who wants to keep passion alive beyond the honeymoon phase. Her message: The art of intimate truth-telling is the most effective aphrodisiac of all.

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About the Author

Renate Stendhal is a coach and counselor for individuals and couples, with a private practice in Berkeley and San Francisco. She has published several books, including Sex and Other Sacred Games and the award-winning photobiography, Gertrude Stein in Words and Pictures.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"Renate Stendhal's unique words of wisdom are wonderful, and have an important message for everyone."
—Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon, co-authors of Lesbian/Woman

"Tracking all these mutual quests for honest relationships, Stendhal's small and beautiful volume almost made me wish to be in one myself. I'll keep it handy, should the occasion arise."
—Alix Dobkin, singer/songwriter

"What a compassionate and useful little book, so full of heart and good sense. Renate Stendhal brings her work deep understanding about intimacy that will benefit any couple ready to take the next step in love and passion."
—Carol Queen, Ph.D., author of Exhibitionism for the Sky

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