The Seasons of Life

The Seasons of Life

A Companion for the Poetic Journey--Poems and Prose Previously Unpublished in English

Author: Hermann Hesse Translator: Ludwig Max Fischer, Stanley Fefferman

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A never-before-seen volume of poetry by the preeminent poet laureate Herman Hesse–a beautiful companion to Seasons of the Soul and the author’s better-known prose work.

Organized into four parts–spring, summer, autumn, and winter–The Seasons of Life relates the transitions in nature to the organic progressions of human life from birth through death. From the mundane to the sublime, the spiritual to the political, and private feeling to expressed opinion, Hesse touches on the range of human experience, inviting the reader to consider both the beauty and what Hesse called the “adversities of life.”

Beloved by readers as a wise and open friend, Hesse offers in this never-before-translated volume an honest portrayal of a whole life: its lessons and mysteries, its glories and despairs. The poet’s voice–so treasured in his novels among a worldwide English-speaking audience–can now be enjoyed through this new translation in the follow-up to Seasons of the Soul.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2020-08-11
Paperback 9781623175061
Ebook 9781623175078

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