The Science and Philosophy of Martial Arts

The Science and Philosophy of Martial Arts

Exploring the Connections Between the Cognitive, Physical, and Spiritual Aspects of Martial Arts

Author: Alex W. Tong Foreword by: Frederick Turner

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Through the lenses of Shotokan Karate and biomedicine, sensei and biomedical scientist Alex W. Tong shows readers how body, mind, and spirit can be developed through martial arts practice.

Through the practice of martial arts, a person can realize their full potential–not only in body, but in mind and spirit. The Science and Philosophy of Martial Arts shows readers how. Author, sensei, and biomedical scientist Alex W. Tong delves into the physical, mental, and spiritual components of martial arts and integrates contemporary sports psychology, kinesiology, and neuroscience into a nuanced and illuminating understanding of what martial arts practice can be.

Structured into three sections, Tong discusses:

  • The Mind: The dao of martial arts, mental tranquility, contemporary neuroscience, and warming up the brain
  • The Body: Posture and stance, breathing in martial arts, and the physics of mastery and effort
  • The Spirit: Soul, spirit, and moving zen; nature and manifestations of the spirit

Each section includes observations on martial arts origins, physiology, and tangible results on martial arts training. Blending traditional and contemporary approaches, knowledge, and research, The Science and Philosophy of Martial Arts builds a vision of practice that elevates physical performance, awareness, decisiveness, and strength of spirit.

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Release Date: 2022-02-22
Paperback 9781623176655
Ebook 9781623176662

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