The Intimate Herbal

The Intimate Herbal

A Beginner's Guide to Herbal Medicine for Sexual Health, Pleasure, and Hormonal Balance

Author: Marie White

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All-natural reproductive wellness remedies for the modern herbalist: an inclusive guide to making herbal infusions, tinctures, oils, and powders to enhance pleasure and sexual health.

In an empowering, accessible, and inclusive guide, herbalist Marie White shows readers of all genders how to enhance sexual and reproductive health through plant medicine. A must-have for those looking to revitalize intimacy with the special touch of medicinal herbs–and a few selected seaweed and fungi–The Intimate Herbal includes tried-and-tested protocols rooted in an intersectional, non-binary approach to holistic health, herbal healing, and supporting the body through physical stress.

Readers will learn how to address and treat specific conditions; what not to try at home; and all about:
  The foundations of intimate herbalism: The history of herbalism for sexual and reproductive health–and why it works.
  Becoming an intimate herbalist: An introduction to terminology, types of extracts and remedies, solvents and ratios, and the art of extraction and delivery.
  Building an intimate herbal pharmacy: All about intimate herbs and full-spectrum aphrodisiacs–and how to make infusions, decoctions, syrups, powders, herbal baths, oils, salves, and extracts.
  Intimate health conditions and herbal protocols: Herbal remedies for breast health, contraception, endometriosis, erectile dysfunction, fertility, hormonal imbalances, libido, lubrication, menopause, menstrual cycles, PCOS, ovarian cysts, prostate health, urinary health, and the vaginal microbiome.

With tips on ethical plant-medicine sourcing and a focus on buying herbs that are organic, fair-trade, and local, White brings a sustainable, community-oriented lens to modern herbalism. She shows readers how, why, and when to use herbal medicine to address sexual and reproductive concerns, taking a holistic approach that honors the interconnected nature of our bodies, prioritizes preventive medicine, and promotes a healthy, open relationship to sex and sexual wellness.
Appropriate for beginners, DIY natural-medicine makers, and at-home herbalists, this book is also written for clinical herbalists, naturopaths, community health advocates, and complementary and alternative medicine practitioners.

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