The Holistic Cat

The Holistic Cat

A Complete Guide to Wellness for a Healthier, Happier Cat

Author: Jennifer A. Coscia Foreword by: Don Hamilton, D.V.M

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Written in an accessible and engaging style for both seasoned cat lovers and first-time owners, The Holistic Cat focuses on disease prevention and provides specific tips for raising a cat in a healthy, safe environment. Author Jennifer Coscia combines many years of experience as a nutritional consultant and as the owner of an animal rescue adoption organization to cover a range of topics including nutrition, conventional vs. holistic healthcare and the use of complementary veterinary care, indoor vs. outdoor cats, vaccine-related illnesses, household and outdoor hazards, disease-specific advice, and how to make suitable arrangements for care while traveling and moving. Coscia also explores how overuse of vaccines and drugs in veterinary care, along with chemicals and contaminants in pet foods and the water supply, have radically increased disease in cats. The Holistic Cat contains inspiring first-person rescue stories complemented by vibrant photographs. This indispensable resource teaches a new approach to feline health and is also a valuable guide for veterinary students who want to learn about using alternative modalities to treat these extraordinary creatures.

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Release Date: 2009-01-27
Paperback 9781556437663

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