The Elusive Obvious

The Elusive Obvious

The Convergence of Movement, Neuroplasticity, and Health

Author: Moshe Feldenkrais Foreword by: Norman Doidge, M.D.

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Discover the transformative insights of movement pioneer Moshe Feldenkrais

Essential reading for somatic practitioners, movement teachers, performing artists, and anyone interested in self-improvement and healing

As a scientist, martial artist, and founder of the Feldenkrais Method, Moshe Feldenkrais wrote several influential books on the relationship between movement, learning, and health. The Elusive Obvious is a thorough and accessible explanation of the method that is more relevant today than when it was first published, as current research strongly supports many of its insights.

The Feldenkrais Method has two main strands: Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration. Both are renowned worldwide for their ability to reduce pain and anxiety, cultivate vitality, and improve performance.

This new edition of The Elusive Obvious includes a beautiful presentation featuring a fold-out insert with illustrations that depict these two approaches. By uncovering solutions that are often hidden in plain sight, this book can help you learn to move with greater ease, grace, and efficiency through the Feldenkrais Method.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2019-04-23
Paperback 9781623173340
Ebook 9781623173357

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