The Dance of Becoming

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The Dance of Becoming

Living Life as a Martial Art

Author: Stuart Heller, Ph.D.

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The Dance of Becoming is a book that is a must for the library of any serious martial artist or anyone interested in a deeper understanding of self. Stuart Heller’s insight into the finer points of visualization and energy are simple in the classical taoist approach.


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About the Author

Stuart Heller is a movement psychologist with a 6th Dan in Kenpo Karate and Chinese Kempo. Originally trained in mathematics and operations research, he earned his PhD in psychology and is a certified hypnotherapist and Alexander Technique teacher. He has created a corporate executive training program which helps business leaders focus on the effective use of power and presence in organizational change.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"As the title promises, this book is a dance, not an argument. Although it emerged from the quest of an individual, it transcends the personal. [Stuart's] insights and his sensitivity to the subtle world would be intimidating if he were not so real."
- Marily Ferguson, author of The Aquarian Conspiracy

" extraordinary integration of ideas and practical exercises which will dazzle and delight the reader. This is a profound book that clarifies difficult issues and makes them easy to comprehend."
- David Surrenda, former Dean of the John F. Kennedy University Graduate School of Consciousness Studies

"This book makes accessible the lesser known creative and evolutionary side of Chinese medicine. This is where Chinese medicine should begin."
- Michael Broffman, Director of the Pine Street Chinese Benevolent Association and Clinic

"The Dance of Becoming is a key to the universal birthright of power and wonder which lies dormant within us. It is the embodiment of T'ai Chi in personal form."
-Fredric Lehrman, author of The Sacred Landscape

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