The College of the Atlantic Guide to the Lakes and Ponds of Mt. Desert

The College of the Atlantic Guide to the Lakes and Ponds of Mt. Desert

Discovering the Freshwater Gems of Maine's Largest Island

Author: William V. P. Newlin, Kenneth S. Cline, Rachel Briggs, A. Addison Namnoum, Brett Ciccotelli

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Mt. Desert Island, located off the coast of Maine, is blessed with more than twenty-five lakes and forty streams, but most visitors to the island are attracted by its granite coast and never get to explore “the lake country.” The revised and expanded edition of this one-of-a-kind guide is designed to give visitors the tools they need to get the most of this remarkable feature of Mt. Desert.  

In collaboration with students, graduates, and a professor from College of the Atlantic, author and longtime island summer resident William Newlin offers tips on what lakes are best for activities like boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, biking, and picnicking and provides readers the specific details they will need to make the most of their visit. Just where do you launch your kayak? Where are the best picnic rocks? What fish are available?  

Containing beautiful photos and illustrations, detailed, full-color maps, and informative sidebars that fill the reader in on interesting bits of natural history and local lore, this is an essential resource for vacationers and local adventurers alike.

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Release Date: 2013-08-27
Paperback 9781583947975

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