The Christ Letters

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    The Christ Letters

    An Evolutionary Guide Home

    Author: Ellias Lonsdale, Theanna Lonsdale

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    Before she died, Theanna (then Sara Lonsdale) developed a means to continue communication with her husband Ellias. Her words from beyond death’s doors first appeared in The Book of Theanna, an introduction to the many realms of consciousness. Now Ellias has gathered and transcribed The Christ Letters, a collection of detailed accounts of Theanna’s encounters with the Christ presence, transmitted at Christmas and Easter time over the course of several years. Drawing deeply on the feminine aspect of consciousness and framing her discussion around the astrological qualities of each of the seven classical planets, Theanna reexamines the figure of Christ and his teachings, exploding the myths imposed on Christ by church-based Christianity. What emerges is an unusual and inspirational account of the journey each one of us must take, from the darkest places of consciousness to eventual resurrection into the light of redemption.

    Not just another account of life after death, nor a channeled book in the usual sense, The Christ Letters enacts a virtually ignored method of spiritual communication. Theanna’s principal goal is to make her process available collectively so that from this point on, people will “discover inside their own strength of being a Christ presence, something unexpected and wildly unknown.”

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    About the Author

    Ellias Lonsdale is the founder of Star Genesis, a visionary alternative to traditional astrology that blends the teachings of Rudolf Steiner with Lonsdale's own investigations into the nature of consciousness. When his life partner, Sara, died of cancer, Lonsdale pioneered new ways of communicating with the dead, gaining insights about their realm and ours. He is the author of five books, including The Book of Theanna and Inside Planets.

    Reviews/Press Quotes

    “I cannot say that The Christ Letters are actual communiqués from the entity who manifested on Earth as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Bethlehem, and Galilee. I cannot say either that Ellias Lonsdale receives real transmissions from inner planes or that Theanna Lonsdale (who lived in this world as his partner Sara) is the source of those transmissions. Yet if you proceed on the basis that these are authentic transmissions of the Presence of the Being Spark of Christ via the Being Spark of Theanna to the Being Spark of Ellias, you will come as much into the intimacy of Christ energy and the current Christ message to Earth as if they were—and in our mortal state, that’s just as good.”
    --Richard Grossinger, author of 2013: Raising the Earth to the Next Vibration and Dark Pool of Light: Reality and Consciousness

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