The Aromatherapy Book

The Aromatherapy Book

Applications and Inhalations

Author: Jeanne Rose Illustrator: John Hurlburd Introduction by: Victoria Edwards Contribution by: Thomas Norton

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Jeanne Rose, affectionatley known as the Grand Dame of aromatherapy to those in the field, has compiled over the years a wealth of practical and researched information about aromatherapy. With her charming humor she weaves the history of aromatherapy. In this book you will find almost anything you would want to know about aromatherapy including recipes, her own and others, from skin care to pet care. She even covers the unusual aspects of aromatherapy such as the musical and chakra qualities of essential oils. An excellent book for beginners or beyond. It is a wonderful book for looking up particular essential oils, finding their properties, cautions etc. for both the beginner and advanced aromatherapy student. The aromatherapy reference charts listed in the book are indispensable and there is even a Chakra and Color chart as well.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 1993-01-15
Paperback 9781556430732
Ebook 9781583948194

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