Souls in the Sea

Souls in the Sea

Dolphins, Whales, and Human Destiny

Author: Scott Taylor

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Dolphins have long been attributed with intelligence, but do they have souls? Self-awareness? Compassion? Scott Taylor, Director of the Cetacean Studies Institute, investigates the history, mythology, and science surrounding these creatures and emerges with a resounding yes. And not only do whales and dolphins merit our attention and respect in their own right: they are an index to what our future as a species can be.

In this multi-faceted cetology compendium, Taylor surveys the portrayal of dolphins and whales in works of literature as disparate as Moby Dick and Sumerian legend, examines biologist John Lilly’s research on interspecies communication, and explores the benefits of dolphin-assisted swimming therapy for disabled children and adults. Looking at the world from the perspective of one of these "souls in the sea," Taylor suggests that cetaceans are an ideal bridge between humanity and nature. Poetically written and thoughtfully illustrated with photos and drawings, Souls in the Sea is a comprehensive celebration of the biology, history, and mystique of dolphins and whales.

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Release Date: 2003-02-21
Paperback 9781583940716

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