The Mystery of Wholeness

Author: Robert Sardello Introduction by: Therese Schroeder-Sheker Contribution by: Cheryl Sanders-Sardello

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An introduction to the nature and benefits of silence as a new spiritual reality that can lead to self-awareness and healing in our chaotic, fast-paced world

With its beautifully rich prose, Robert Sardello’s newest book invites us to experience silence as a companion presence—a creative heart-felt experience that renews, restores, and deepens the body’s response to the internal and external world. Drawing on images and ideas from the Trials of St. Anthony, anthroposophy, depth psychology, and phenomenology, the book delves deeply into the subtleties of silence, exploring the phenomenon as a source of wholeness and revitalization.

Sharing his own insights from years of experience in spiritual psychology, Sardello takes us on an inner journey beyond the chaotic noise of the ego to a place of inner communion and self-healing. Silence opens our eyes to the importance of cultivating the nurturing aspects of silence in our personal relationships and enables us to awaken the inner currents of spirituality that ultimately lead to a path of universal compassion, service, and healing.

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Release Date: 2008-11-25
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