Reflections of Being

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Reflections of Being

Author: Peter Ralston

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Personal, reflective, and gently investigative, these early essays have a raw, fresh quality which predates the more formal theory and practice of Peter Ralston’s two popular books, The Book of Not Knowing and Pursuing Consciousness. Many of the questions we might struggle with in life—identity in relation to others, authenticity in the face of belief systems, the draw we have to pursue ineffective self-serving urges, and our tendency to conceptualize rather than experience things—are described here in simple, almost conversational language. Attempting to grasp what authentic knowledge is, Ralston’s queries become a quest for how humans can develop a deeper sense of themselves as participants in the world.


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About the Author

Since winning the 1978 World Championship Full-Contact Martial Arts Tournament, Peter Ralston has become a leading practitioner of martial arts, investigating and teaching applications of psychological and spiritual growth. He directs training programs and workshops at Cheng Hsin, The Center for Ontological Research and Internal Martial Arts, in Oakland, California, and conducts staff training workshops for Lifespring, the Institute of Self Actualization, Robbins Research Institute (NLP) and other human potential organizations.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"With gentleness and humor, Ralston leads us to see new dimensions of ourselves in the present and possibilities for further growth."
-Ole Larson, Founder, Institute for Self Actualization

"Peter Ralston has found a clear way to communicate how we deal with confrontation: he confronts you with your personality and shows you very directly what is going on."
-Guido Sleddens, martial arts teacher, Holland

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