Quantum-Touch Core Transformation

Quantum-Touch Core Transformation

A New Way to Heal and Alter Reality

Author: Alain Herriott, Jody Herriott Foreword by: Richard Gordon

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Quantum-Touch teaches techniques for focusing and amplifying life-force energy (chi) through simple breathing and body-awareness exercises. This practice stimulates our biological intelligence to promote healing in everything from major immune disorders to chronic pain to emotional disturbances. A new addition to Alain Herriott’s successful series that includes Supercharging Quantum-Touch, this manual of advanced techniques is geared toward those who already know the basics of Quantum-Touch or have backgrounds in general energy healing, Chinese disciplines such as tai chi and qi gong, or the yogic and dance disciplines. Techniques are presented through step-by-step exercises that facilitate the energy flow through both teacher and patient. This energy transference encourages bone alignment, stress reduction, and deep and lasting healing. Quantum-Touch Core Transformation shows how to truly experience oneself (emotionally, spiritually, physically) and to begin to open consciousness and enter a whole new level of being. Written in the trademark thoughtful, engaging style of Quantum-Touch authors, this book is an authoritative resource for any alternative-health professional involved in serious bodywork.

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Page Count: 256
Release Date: 2009-01-27
Paperback 9781556437816
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