Oppression and the Body

Oppression and the Body

Roots, Resistance, and Resolutions

Editor: Christine Caldwell, Lucia Bennett Leighton Read by: Julie Slater

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A timely anthology that explores power, privilege, and oppression and their relationship to marginalized bodies
Asserting that the body is the main site of oppression in Western society, the contributors to this pioneering volume explore the complex issue of embodiment and how it relates to social inclusion and marginalization. In a culture where bodies of people who are brown, black, female, transgender, disabled, fat, or queer are often shamed, sexualized, ignored, and oppressed, what does it mean to live in a marginalized body? Through theory, personal narrative, and artistic expression, this anthology explores how power, privilege, oppression, and attempted disembodiment play out on the bodies of disparaged individuals and what happens when the body’s expression is stereotyped and stunted. Bringing together a range of voices, this book offers strategies and practices for embodiment and activism and considers what it means to be an embodied ally to anyone experiencing bodily oppression.

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Release Date: 2018-03-20
Paperback 9781623172015
Audiobook 9781623174392
Ebook 9781623172022

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