My Heart Flies Open

My Heart Flies Open

Author: Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis

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“A vibrantly illustrated book that offers readers empowering affirmations”—Gabi Garcia, author of Listening to My Body

An inclusive, empowering, and uplifting picture book about yoga, meditation, and coming home to self-love for children ages 4-8, especially girls of color

In every situation I can blossom. Breathing in and breathing out, I know…I AM PEACEFUL.

Beautifully and brightly illustrated, My Heart Flies Open takes readers on a yoga journey of mindful reflection, self-discovery, and self-love. Starting with Easy Pose (“I AM LOVE”) and moving through Mountain Pose (“I AM STILLNESS”), Triangle Pose (“I AM ME”), and more, My Heart Flies Open guides young readers through a grounding sequence of 15 yoga poses and affirmations.

More than just another yoga or mindfulness book, My Heart Flies Open transports young readers to a magical world where they learn to overcome negative emotions and move dynamically through their feelings–shining bright and connecting to the peace, laughter, love, grounding, and spirit that live inside all along.

With every yoga pose, each breath in, and each breath out, My Heart Flies Open brings young readers home to themselves: they are life, love, joy, and kindness; bold, fierce, peaceful, and whole. Written for children, and especially girls of color, ages 4 – 8.

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ebook, hardcover

Release Date: 2021-09-07
Hardcover 9781623176136
Ebook 9781623176143

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