Muscle Energy Techniques, Second Edition

Muscle Energy Techniques, Second Edition

A Practical Guide for Physical Therapists

Author: John Gibbons

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Revised and updated: a fresh new look to an established best-seller–an essential tool for physical therapists that offers unique insights into the versatile and highly effective technique of muscle energy techniques.

Muscle Energy Techniques is a must-have for any student or practitioner of physical therapy, osteopathy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, or massage therapy. This practical guide–packed with full-color photographs and illustrations–fully explains the theory and practice of a range of muscle energy techniques.

The book is broken in 5 parts. In part I, John Gibbons examines the theory and principles behind muscle energy techniques, with chapters that explain the technique, muscle imbalances, myofascial slings, and core muscle relationships. 

Parts II to IV break down the technique by body area–upper body, lower body, trunk, and pelvis–with clear descriptive explanations of the techniques. Accompanied by color photographs with directional arrows, each shows the practitioner how to maximize treatment benefits. Clear drawings allow the reader to understand the basic anatomy of each muscle. 

A concluding part V shows two applications of muscle energy techniques: self-lengthening techniques for the shoulder complex and muscle weakness testing of the gluteals.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2022-06-21
Paperback 9781623177874
Ebook 9781623177881

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