Moving Stretch

Moving Stretch

Work Your Fascia to Free Your Body

Author: Suzanne Wylde

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Manage everyday pain with this effective, trainer-approved program that uses resistance stretching to increase strength, release tension, rejuvenate tissues—and much more.
This accessible guide gives step-by-step instructions for people who feel tight or older than they should, people with poor posture, athletes who want to boost their performance, and those who want something more than conventional stretching. This book provides you with many different stretches for the whole body including the hands and feet, as well as routines for specific goals such as improving posture, helping office workers stay healthy, stretching the back, and more. Even those with sedentary lives will see and feel a difference, with just 10-20 minutes of stretching yielding benefits that may last the whole day.

Many of us are limited in our movements, hunched over, or tight. Ideally, we would move in a variety of ways throughout the day, keeping our bodies fresh and youthful. However, office jobs and sofas can lead to bodies that are imprisoned in a cage of tension, whose tissue is dehydrated and stuck together, with some areas that are very weak or tight. Normal stretching is not strong enough to break us out of that state. When we tense our bodies and move through that tension, we engage the fascia and recondition it into a more youthful state, restoring great posture, elasticity, and power.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2017-10-17
Paperback 9781623171759
Ebook 9781623171766

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