Morning, Sunshine!

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    Morning, Sunshine!

    Author: Keely Parrack Illustrator: John Bajet

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    As we all wake up, the outside world bustles with life! Discover new facts about familiar creatures—from fluttering moths and scurrying beetles to shy foxes and humming bees—as they go about their morning activities. In the city, the countryside, and the suburbs, nature can be found everywhere!

    A series of haiku takes readers on a closeup, observational look at the amazing abundance of nature right outside our homes. Each stanza focuses on an aspect of the natural world or a creature going about their daily activities as the sun begins to rise. Alongside the haiku, informative text goes into depth about each subject—from how much honey a bee can make to the size of a hummingbird’s egg. Instructions to help kids create their own haiku poems, a unique form of poetry from Japan, as well as a glossary add value for a STEAM and Core Curriculum book that can be enjoyed both in the classroom and at home.


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    Downloadable Materials

    Write your own nature haiku! Print and fold this PDF into your very own pocket-sized nature notebook to take with you on a walk. You can jot your nature notes into the notebook, then come home and use the ‘How to Haiku’ instructions in the back of Morning, Sunshine! to turn your notes into haiku.

    Click the “Nature Notebook” link just below to download the PDF.

    About the Author

    KEELY PARRACK came from the UK to the USA for fun twenty years ago, and liked it so much she's still here, doing what she loves best: writing poetry, picture books, and young adult novels, and motivating kids to love reading and to be confident creative writers. As a freelance writer her work has been published in The Christian Science Monitor, The Contra Costa Times, Patch, Spider Magazine, and, and her short story "Listening to the Leaves" appears in the anthology, Simple Pleasures of Friendship: Celebrating the Ones We Love, Conari Press, 2003, (under the pen name Keely James). Previously she's been a science and language arts specialist and class teacher at an elementary school in inner city Nottingham, UK, a Child Center Director in San Francisco, and the Co-Regional Advisor for the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators, San Francisco North & East Bay. Parrack now fills her time working for her local indie bookstore, tutoring kids in creative writing, and designing haiku cards for her friends and family. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area with her husband, son, and a very demanding cat. JOHN BAJET is currently a designer on the Cartoon Network Show, Tom & Jerry, and Art Directing at Renegade Animation, as well as the illustrator for Baby Shark, Planting Seeds of Kindness, If We Can Do What Animals Do, and Bigger Than Baseball.

    Reviews/Press Quotes

    “Haiku and fun facts! Delightful illustrations! This book is a gem.”
    —Tim McCanna, author of Watersong and In a Garden

    “From the first thread of daylight to a full burst of sun, children will enjoy stepping through morning dewdrops by way of joyful illustrations and artful haiku.”
    —Meg Fleming, author of Here Comes Ocean and Sometimes Rain

    Morning, Sunshine! is both beautiful and educational. I pored over Parrack’s haiku and all the fascinating facts about our natural world. This book is an inspiration for all.”
    —Cindy Derby, author of How to Walk an Ant

    "This collection of nature haiku is a warm, tidy package of words and images that will brighten your day."  
    —Sue Fliess, author of Flash and Gleam: Light in Our World and The Princess and the Petri Dish

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