Meditations on Nature, Meditations on Silence

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Meditations on Nature, Meditations on Silence

Editor: Roderick MacIver

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Meditations on Nature, Meditations on Silence is a collection of hundreds of quotes on the beauty and mystery of the natural world by writers and thinkers, including Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, Edward Abbey, Rainer Maria Rilke, Henry David Thoreau, Louise Dickinson Rich, and Lewis Thomas.

Through their inspirational poetry and other writings and Rod MacIver’s beautiful watercolors, Meditations on Nature, Meditations on Silence offers readers a retreat from our complex, fast-paced world. This book explores the beauty, strange cohesion, and complexity of the natural world and universe, drawing on sources as diverse as ancient Chinese poets, contemporary songwriters, wilderness adventurers, homesteaders, and modern scientists.


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About the Author

Roderick MacIver is a Canadian-born watercolor artist whose artwork has been acquired by public and private collectors. Many of his paintings have been used by wilderness protection groups and nonprofit organizations in their outreach efforts. In 1995, he founded Heron Dance (, a nonprofit organization that celebrates the human connection to nature through art and words.

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