May All People and Pigs Be Happy

May All People and Pigs Be Happy

Author: Micki Fine Pavlicek Illustrator: John Pavlicek

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Pigalina teaches Claire the loving-kindness meditation to help Claire embrace the world with compassion and caring

May All People and Pigs Be Happy follows seven-year-old Claire and her stuffed animal Pigalina. From Pigalina, Claire learns a simple meditation that helps her to feel kinder toward herself and spread caring and love to others. The loving-kindness meditation can be practiced by anyone regardless of religion to cultivate loving presence, friendship, tenderness, and love. This book is perfect for those with or without a background in the loving-kindness meditation.

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Dimensions 10.270 × 8.080 × 0.350 in

ebook, hardcover

Trim Size: 7-3/4 x 10
Page Count: 32
Release Date: 2019-10-29
Hardcover 9781623173890
Ebook 9781623173906

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