Long Lever Techniques

Long Lever Techniques

An Illustrated Guide for Practitioners to Treat Neuro-Musculoskeletal Pain

Author: Bobby Nourani, DO, FAAO, Richard Huff, D.O.

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A full-color introductory guide to a revolutionary new osteopathic treatment: a direct manual medicine approach for reestablishing cranial rhythmic impulse, improving primary respiration mechanism, and restoring potency at the site of dysfunction.

In the first book to discuss the long lever technique, Bobby Nourani, DO, introduces a manual medicine treatment for treating somatic dysfunction, reducing pain, and manipulating the body for effective and efficient healing. Written for professionals–osteopaths, physicians, bodyworkers, physical therapists, occupational therapists, craniosacral therapists, and other practitioners who want to integrate osteopathic techniques into an existing practice–Long Lever Techniques focuses on how we can mobilize interconnected structures to positively restore the body to better health and function.
The long lever approach–using the arm or leg as lever and fulcrum to mobilize an area of somatic dysfunction–is a manual application of corrective force that can be applied once or multiple times. It has wide-ranging applications, from pain reduction to autonomic rebalancing to improved respiration rate, and is presented with full-color photos and illustrations so that medical professionals can put it into practice quickly.
Readers will learn about:
   The history and development of long lever techniques
   Its clinical applications to cervical, thoracic, rib, lumbar, sacral, and pelvic dysfunction
   Coccyx and craniococcygeal anatomy, evaluation, indications, and informed consent and documentation
   How to integrate long lever techniques in practice

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