Jung and Reich

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Jung and Reich

The Body as Shadow

Author: John P. Conger

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Although contemporaries, Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich, two giants in the field of psychoanalysis, never met. What might have happened if they had is the inspiration behind this detailed investigation. Jung and Reich succinctly outlines each man’s personality and compares their lives and their work, emphasizing points of convergence between them. John Conger provocatively puts Jung’s mystical and psychological approach to spiritual disciplines on the same plane as Reich’s controversial theories of "genitality" and character armor. The result is a heady "what if?" bound to intrigue and inspire readers.


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About the Author

Dr. John Conger is an International Trainer in Bioenergetic Analysis and past editor of the International Journal of Bioenergetic Analysis. He is the author of The Body in Recovery, as well as the Director of the Institute for Jungian and Reichian studies, where he conducts training. Conger maintains a private practice in Berkeley, Calirfornia.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"I found this book interesting, informative, and very well written. I strongly recommend it to everyone interested in Reich, Jung, and Bioenergetic Analysis. I think it is a valuable contribution to analytic theory."-Alexander Lowen, founder of Bioenergetic therapy and author of The Betrayal of the Body

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