Joyous Resilience

Joyous Resilience

A Path to Individual Healing and Collective Thriving in an Inequitable World

Author: Anjuli Sherin

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An intersectional guide to building resilience and reclaiming joy

With so much information available on how to build resilience–from meditation, exercise, and time in nature, to the latest neuroscience-backed studies–have you ever wondered what’s holding you back? If you commit to self-care but find yourself exhausted, unhappy, or anxious, do you wonder what’s missing?

The fact is, we are all navigating an exhausting, disconnecting, do-more-buy-more culture that disproportionately harms those with marginalized identities and leads us to believe that our thriving depends solely on individual effort. Mainstream wellness culture doesn’t account for the ways that social oppression and economic injustice intersect to make resilience diffi cult for many of us to access in the first place. So, where do we begin?

In this warm and accessible guide, Pakistani American therapist Anjuli Sherin provides a healing path to make thriving possible for everyone. Through compelling client stories and reflective exercises, she offers a culturally informed, body -centered model that shows us how cultivating self-nurturance, healthy boundaries, pleasure, and a soulful connection to the natural world can give us the generative energy needed to heal individual and collective trauma and shape our world from an inner magic called joyous resilience.

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Release Date: 2021-01-26
Paperback 9781623174231
Audiobook 9781623176761
Ebook 9781623174248

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