Jiu Jitsu

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Jiu Jitsu

The Essential Guide to Mastering the Art

Author: Hans-Erik Petermann

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This essential guide provides new practitioners with a thorough grounding in the ancient art of jiu jitsu and advanced students of any martial art with an effective method for integrating jiu jitsu techniques into an existing practice. The book begins with the origins of jiu jitsu in 16th-century Japan, explaining the subsequent rise of judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu to give a complete introduction to the history of the art. Next, training requirements, procedures, and equipment are outlined, preparing the reader for training and combat. The practical section of the book begins with the essential principles governing jiu jitsu, and continues with combination maneuvers; specific positions and their advantages in competition; basic submission techniques; the concept of joined centers; training tips; and a glimpse into intermediate positions and their functions. Full-color photo sequences with expert demonstrations supplement the meticulous descriptions. A glossary, index, and a list of useful international jiu jitsu contacts round out this informative guide.


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About the Author

Author Hans-Erik Petermann has been a martial arts practitioner for thirty-four years. He is an instructor in Combat Jiu Jitsu, an instructor of Internal Kung Fu, and holds a black belt in Karate. His training and teaching approach has been influenced by five years in the field of security. His work has been published in martial arts magazines on three continents and he has presented seminars in Israel, Germany, England, South Africa and Thailand.

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“The majority of martial arts readers probably make a purchase for one of two reasons. First, they may want to expand their knowledge of a given style's techniques. Second, they may want to learn about a style's techniques or history from scratch, or may be looking to decide which one to study. If you're in that first group, you may enjoy what Jiu Jitsu - The Essential Guide to Mastering the Art has to offer. But if you're in the second, then I've got a sneaking suspicion that this is very likely the book for you.”

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