Integrated Activism

Integrated Activism

Applying the Hidden Connections between Ecology, Economics, Politics, and Social Progress

Author: Alexis Zeigler

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How do peak oil, climate change, and the limits of growth affect abortion rights, income equality, and civil liberty? In this impassioned treatise, author and activist Alexis Zeigler reveals the hidden connections between ecology, economics, politics, and social justice—and shows us how to use these connections to effect real, long-lasting change.

Most activist movements, says Zeigler, suffer from a kind of tunnel vision in which the true causes and resulting side effects of the desired change are left unexamined—rendering the movements shortsighted and unaware of their own long-term fallout. We cannot effectively address our problems in isolation or with ecological blinders on. Instead we must integrate our activism and ensure that all strategies and actions take into account the historically demonstrated fact that a society’s environmental resources ultimately define its level of freedom, fairness, and financial equity.

Packed with surprising facts and eye-opening arguments, Integrated Activism is a must-read not only for every serious activist, but also for anyone looking for a solid, creditable philosophy and approach to building a fairer, freer, more sustainable future.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2013-08-13
Paperback 9781583946046
Ebook 9781583946190

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