Essential Oils for Childbirth

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Essential Oils for Childbirth

Using Aromatherapy to Reduce Stress, Alleviate Anxiety, and Lessen Pain with Any Birth Plan

Author: Michaela Boldy

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This practical guide helps expecting mothers discover the health benefits of aromatherapy to improve the childbirth experience

Many women experience anxiety and fear during childbirth. Essential Oils for Childbirth highlights the effectiveness of aromatherapy as an inexpensive, noninvasive practice to increase comfort in childbirth for all mothers—whatever their birth plan. Moms and partners will learn how to safely create, prepare, and apply labor blends during childbirth and more!

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About the Author

MICHAELA BOLDY is a registered nurse, certified aromatherapy practitioner, certified infant massage instructor, and the mother of four children. She is a member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy and has taught aromatherapy, anatomy, and physiology in the San Francisco Bay Area. After successfully incorporating aromatherapy into her own childbirth, she founded Michaela Boldy Aromatherapy to sell the two essential oil blends she had created for herself, which were sold in hospital stores throughout Northern California. With the support of midwives, she introduced aromatherapy to the work of doulas and midwives affiliated with hospitals in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a result, a small trial was initiated to demonstrate aromatherapy as being highly effective for promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety during birth. Boldy now lives in the United Kingdom.

Reviews/Press Quotes

“This book is a wonderful resource for pregnant women, their loved ones, and maternal-care providers. I enjoyed gaining many new insights and was impressed by the scientific references. Engaging and helpful at every turn!”
—Dr. James Byrne, MD, maternal fetal medicine specialist and founder of the Lucina Maternity Foundation 
Essential Oils for Childbirth offers women who want to use aromatherapy in childbirth an easy-to-understand guide with specific suggestions and helpful tips for both preparing their own blends and using them most effectively. Directions for baby and children’s massage with the help of essential oils and incorporation of storytelling is a great way to help new parents find different ways to bond with their children. This book is an easy and enjoyable read.”
—Olga Libova, certified nurse-midwife

“This important guide … is truly a ‘must have’ for all providers of women’s health and for those searching for alternative therapies. It is written in a style that makes it so easy to understand and a joy to read.”
—Lin Lee, RN, CNM, Bay Area Maternity and Women’s Health, California
 “This book offers clear and helpful guidance for those who wish to have a natural childbirth using essential oils as part of their pregnancy and birthing experience as well as for care of the newborn baby. Boldy’s firsthand experience, both as a mother and nurse, is invaluable in this regard.”
—Julia Lawless, author of The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils, owner and director of Aqua Oleum, and international consultant for the aromatherapy industry
“This is a valuable book for mothers, fathers, midwives, and nurses working in hospitals. It offers important practical information about the birthing process and the use of essential oils. It also offers a perspective on related topics like how to reduce cesarean-section births and how to deal with diapers on growing infants. [Boldy’s] focus on women and the birthing process offers a timely and unique angle in essential-oil literature.”
—Elizabeth Jones, author of Awaken to Healing Fragrance: The Power of Essential Oil Therapy; founder of College of Botanical Healing Arts, California; and founder and co-owner of Elizabeth Van Buren, Inc.

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