Climate Resilience

Climate Resilience

How We Keep Each Other Safe, Care for Our Communities, and Fight Back Against Cl imate Change

Author: Kylie Flanagan

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How we keep each other safe, care for our communities, and fight back against climate change–resilience frameworks for navigating ecological crisis from 39 women and gender-expansive voices on the front lines.
For readers of The Intersectional Environmentalist and All We Can Save

Climate Resilience is a primer in understanding the climate crisis from those who know it best: the people who have been fighting for the health, wellbeing, and liberation of their communities for decades.

In narrative essays informed by 60 interviews with women, non-binary, and gender-expansive climate leaders and community members, climate justice and resilience strategist Kylie Flanagan invites us to see and act beyond: beyond status-quo solutions, Big Tech promises, and what we’ve been told about saving the planet.

Climate Resilience pushes us past the idea that ESG reporting and carbon credits can save us, urging us toward a vision of climate care that invests in place-based, community-led projects and brings us back to each other and the planet. Centering the voices of Native Rights activists, queer liberation ecologists, youth climate-justice organizers, Latinx wilderness activists, and others on the front lines, Climate Resilience talks about:

  • People Power & Resistance: We hear from the organizers, activists, and leaders who are dismantling systemic oppression and planting seeds of liberation, justice, and safety for all.
  • Cohesion & Community: How we cultivate the radical inclusion we need for communities to respond to climate-change threats–and so the people most impacted can survive and thrive
  • Ecology & Economy: How people are working to reclaim ancestral knowledge, restore relationships with people and place, and build resilience strategies
  • Mitigation & Adaptation: Stories and guidance for adapting our communities to withstand extreme weather events through savvy policy, planning, and partnerships

Each short chapter offers a concrete blueprint for mitigating one aspect of climate change through mutual aid, seed-saving, energy collectives, community safety plans, and more, and includes a resilience tool or liberation framework to apply these strategies to our own lives and activism.

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