Breathing Space for New Mothers

Breathing Space for New Mothers

Rest, Stretch, and Smile--One Yoga Minute at a Time

Author: Alison Rogers, Erin O. White, Erin O. White

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A gentle and novel guide to new motherhoodone that encourages women to take time to breathe, embrace their experiences, and be “good enough”—one yoga minute at a time

Yoga instructor Alison Rogers and coauthor Erin O. White forge a new path through contemporary motherhood with their collection of gentle suggestions for beginning and deepening a home yoga practice for new mothers. From the warm-up of first days with a newborn to the wobbly-but-standing postures of confident new motherhood, Breathing Space for New Mothers encourages women to notice and nurture their feelings and foster self-compassion to approach motherhood with curiosity instead of fear, improvisation instead of rigidity, and humor instead of worry. The authors offer mothers a singular message: your well-being matters as much as your baby’s. Each chapter ends with a one-minute mindful yoga practice, which can be done in a sequence to create a relaxing and balancing support for the incredibly demanding first nine months with a baby.

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ebook, audiobook, paperback

Release Date: 2019-08-06
Paperback 9781623173425
Audiobook 9781623174965
Ebook 9781623173432

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