Ayahuasca Visions

Ayahuasca Visions

The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman--Unveiling the sacred mysteries of Ayahuasca

Author: Pablo Amaringo, Luis Luna

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A storied journey into the psychedelic realm: unravel the sacred mysteries of Ayahuasca with a renowned Amazonian shaman and anthropologist duo.

Unveiling nearly 50 vivid painting masterpieces revealing Ayahuasca’s mind-expanding impact on human consciousness.

Explore the mesmerizing world of Ayahuasca in this classic volume. Featuring the visionary art of Pablo Amaringo and the anthropological expertise of Luis Eduardo Luna, Ayahuasca Visions presents nearly 50 vibrant, full-color pieces of artwork. Each vision illustrates a deep understanding of how Ayahuasca affects human consciousness. The artworks integrate plant teachers and shamanic powers, like the Three Types of Sorcerers, along with the spirit world, including forest spirits, chthonic spirits, and ouranian spirits. Additionally, they explore concepts related to illness and healing.

In an era where Ayahuasca is gaining global popularity for its benefits to spiritual growth, self-exploration, and mental well-being, Ayahuasca Visions is an indispensable guide. It not only documents the rich tapestry of visions induced by this potent brew—it reinforces the profound connection between humans and the natural world. Whether you’re embarking on a personal spiritual journey or seeking a deeper understanding of Ayahuasca, this book is your gateway to the mysteries of this remarkable plant teacher.

Esteemed scholars such as Professor Richard Schultes, Terence McKenna, and Åke Hultkrantz applaud Ayahuasca Visions for its unique blend of vivid psychedelic art with ethnographic insight. The book serves as an enlightening journey into the Ayahuasca experience, demystifies its profound impact on the psyche, and provides a broad understanding of the plant’s spiritual and therapeutic dimensions within Amazonian shamanism.

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Release Date: 1999-04-28
Paperback 9781556433115

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