Awakening through the Nine Bodies

Awakening through the Nine Bodies

Exploring Levels of Consciousness in Meditation

Author: Phillip Moffitt

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This “beautiful” illustrated guide for meditation and yoga students of all spiritual traditions “offers subtle and vast teachings on the mystery of the body and mind” (Jack Kornfield, author of No Time Like the Present).

Based on meditation practices Phillip Moffitt learned twenty years ago from Himalayan yoga master Sri Swami Balyogi Premvarni, this beautifully illustrated book is a guide to exploring the nature of mind and gaining a better understanding of experiences that arise during meditation. The Nine Bodies teachings map out a journey that starts with consciousness that arises in the physical body and is directly observable, and then travels through ever more subtle levels of consciousness to that which is not manifest and is only potential, and therefore has to be inferred. The book includes a series of mysterious illustrations that Balyogi created during his time of intense Samadhi explorations. Each illustration is a rich composition of symbols that express aspects of inner experiences that are almost impossible to express with language.

Moffitt makes these teachings available for meditation students from all spiritual traditions to use as gateways for exploring the nature of mind and as additional means for tracking and classifying meditative experiences. Students of yoga will also find value in the teachings of the Nine Bodies as they provide a means for contextualizing and connecting with yogic teachings on chakras, koshas, gunas, and the Three Bodies.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2017-09-05
Paperback 9781623171902
Ebook 9781623171919

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