A Homeopathic Love Story

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A Homeopathic Love Story

The Story of Samuel and Melanie Hahnemann

Author: Rima Handley

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At last we have a serious and enchanting book which approaches the story of these extraordinary people in a historical and critical light. The clarity of Rima Handley’s careful and fascinating research allows us to see homeopathy as its founders saw it, from within their own time and without the dogma or interpretations of the gurus which have colored it since. This book is a must for any lover of biography as well as anyone interested in the history of medicine or homeopathy.


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About the Author

Rima Handley received her doctorate in 1973 from Oxford University in medieval language and literature. In addition to her interests in homeopathy and medieval literature, she has received training in counselling and psychotherapy, particularly person-centered counselling and Psychosynthesis.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"The author's use of archival documents substantially reinforces the work as a scholarly endeavor. It is an important contribution to the history of homeopathy, as well as to the field of women's biography."
- Eugene Taylor

"This book is a fascinating biographical feast containing generous helpings of art history, medical mystery, feminist insight and sheer romance! Its scholarship is skillfully woven into a riveting story. While undoubtedly a landmark in homeopathic literature, this book will delight the reader."
- Dorothy Hannon-Blazier

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