The Voyage and the Messenger

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The Voyage and the Messenger

Iran and Philosophy

Author: Henry Corbin Foreword by: Jacob Needleman Introduction by: Christopher Bamford Preface by: Stella Corbin

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This work, incorporating previously unpublished interviews and articles, retraces the quest of Henry Corbin into the imaginal realm of the unseen self, the domains of angels and numinous beings. A study of religious philosophy, exploration of visionary faith, these pages offer a superb meditation of the great themes of Perso-Islamic mysticism—the Sufi theory of knowledge, the voyage within the soul, le rituel de la coupe—and an illuminating glimpse into the philosophic universes of Sohravardi, Ibn Arabi, and Molla Sarda Shirazi.


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About the Author

Henry Corbin (d. 1978) was professor of Islamic relgion at the Sorbonne and director of the department of Iranic studies at the Institut franco-iranien in Tehran. His wide-ranging work included the first translations of Heidegger into French, studies in Swedenbort and Boehme, writings on the Grail and angelology, and definitive translations of and commentary on Persian Islamic/Sufi texts. He introduced us to such seminal terms as the 'imaginal' realm, ta’wil, and 'theophany' into Western psychospiritual thought. His published works include Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn Arabi, Avicenna and the Visionary Recital, and The Man of Light in Iranian Sufism.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"To read Corbin is to learn what it means, at the level of thought, to take the wisdom of the east and the knowledge of the west as the basis of the search for truth."
—Jacob Needleman, author of Time and the Soul

"Henry Corbin is the best guide our culture has to the metaphsyics of the imagination. The publication of these new translations will expand tremendously our access to the treasure house of Corbin’s dazzling visionary scholarship."
—David Ulansey, M.D., author of the The Origins of the Mitraic Mysteries

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