The Secret of Perfect Vision

The Secret of Perfect Vision

How You Can Prevent or Reverse Nearsightedness

Author: David De Angelis Foreword by: Dr. Lee Anthony De Luca Afterword by: Otis Brown

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A revolutionary guide to treating nearsightedness and achieving optimal vision health through exercises that strengthen the eye muscles
Author David De Angelis’s search for a cure for nearsightedness was both professional and personal, since he suffered from the disease himself. An expert in muscular work dynamics, he discovered through extensive testing and an immersion in decades of scientific studies that working the extrinsic ocular muscles could preserve sight and re-educate the eyes toward better vision. He came to understand the importance of retinal defocus for transforming ocular refractive status. In this book, the author shares both the science and the “secret” of how he was able to reverse his own myopia: progressive retinal defocus technique. The system’s efficacy, he says, comes from the fact that it directly intervenes with the causes that generate myopia onset and development (overaccommodative/near-point stress). When adequately stimulated by the simple exercises presented in the book, ocular refractive capability leads to gradual strengthening of focusing capability and gradual decreasing of refractive error.
Written in straightforward language, and featuring an extensive section on the scientific research in this field, The Secret of Perfect Vision offers a proven program of healing to the millions of people afflicted with this condition.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2008-02-26
Paperback 9781556436772
Ebook 9781583944813

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