Homeopathic Guide for Travelers

Homeopathic Guide for Travelers

Remedies for Health and Safety

Author: Ravi Roy, Carola Lage-Roy

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Ravi Roy and Carola Lage-Roy present a wealth of strategies for using homeopathic medicine to stay happy and healthy while traveling. A bestseller in its original German edition, The Homeopathic Guide for Travelers is equally useful for backpackers, business travelers, and even luxury vacationers. It provides all the preparation needed for a journey, whether a short outing, far-off holiday, or challenging trek.

The homeopathic remedies profiled here—many of them effective even when taken last-minute—address everything from exhaustion to altitude change, from jet lag to climate shifts to the side effects of unfamiliar foods. Drawing from the latest research, the book describes which homeopathic medicines work best against infectious diseases, such as malaria, hepatitis, and Lyme disease, and details remedies for injuries sustained while backpacking, climbing, or diving. Roy and Lage-Roy also explain how to treat stings and bites from poisonous animals and reactions from plants like poison ivy. An introductory chapter features a basic traveler’s first-aid kit.

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