Green Medicine

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Green Medicine

Challenging the Assumptions of Conventional Health Care

Author: Larry Malerba, D.O.

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According to Dr. Larry Malerba, modern medicine has perfected the short-term technical repair of the physical body at the expense of the long-term psychological and spiritual well-being of the whole person. In Green Medicine he examines this issue and provides a realistic blueprint for wellness and a valuable guide for those seeking deeper and more lasting healing. Written in an accessible style, the book draws on a rich range of fields—physics, philosophy, Jungian thought, shamanism, alchemy, Eastern thought, Western esotericism, sustainability, orthodox medicine—to create a green medical paradigm that represents a powerful integrative medical perspective.

Dr. Malerba interweaves case histories from his own practice with innovative concepts from alternative and Western medicine in order to address a number of crucial questions:
•    What are the personal and environmental costs to the overuse of pharmaceutical drugs?
•    Is conventional medicine as scientific as it claims to be?
•    How can conventional doctors and alternative healers begin to work together?
•    How can individuals transform medicine and become participants in their own healthcare?

Green Medicine offers a practical and philosophical basis for building a viable green alternative that draws on the inherent unity of body, heart, mind, soul, and nature.

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About the Author

Larry Malerba, DO, has been a practitioner, educator, and leader in the field of holistic medicine for more than twenty years. He is Clinical Assistant Professor at New York Medical College, is board certified in Homeotherapeutics, and is a frequent lecturer at Albany Medical College, the Albany College of Pharmacy, and the SUNY Utica Nursing Program. He is the author of numerous articles in alternative medical journals—including the American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine (where he was assistant editor from 2002–2006) and the New England Journal of Homeopathy—and has held positions as president (Homeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York), vice president (American Institute of Homeopathy), and board member of various conventional and homeopathic organizations. In addition, Dr. Malerba has edited journals and newsletters, organized conferences, created educational programs for a variety of organizations, and appeared on TV and radio programs including National Public Radio and Vox Pop. He lives and maintains a private practice in upstate New York.

Reviews/Press Quotes

“We cannot ultimately be healthy unless the world we live in is healthy as well. That’s why the future of medicine and healing must be green. In Green Medicine, Dr. Larry Malerba offers an inspiring portrait of this emerging awareness. Highly recommended.”
—Larry Dossey, MD, former chief of staff of Medical City Dallas Hospital and author of The Science of Premonitions and Healing Words
“Larry Malerba offers a passionate appeal for a medical approach that treats the whole person, not merely the symptom, and provides a clinic for the soul, not just a repair shop for the body. He explains how healing may be the gift of the wound when we help each other to reach for the meaning of a disease and the opportunity for growth that it may present.”
—Robert Moss, best-selling author of Conscious Dreaming and The Secret History of Dreaming

“Any physician or patient who has ever wondered why we keep ‘treating diseases’ while ‘well-being’ seems increasingly elusive will be interested in this book.”
—David Anick, MD, PhD, research associate at Harvard Medical School and McLean Hospital

“This is a truly seminal work that harkens an ancient yet futuristic paradigm of real medicine and real healing that is way beyond symptomatic relief and disease management. Green Medicine contains a deep wisdom that connects ecological thinking, cutting-edge physiology and medicine, and deep spirituality. Reading this book is itself therapeutic.”
—Dana Ullman, MPH, author of The Homeopathic Revolution and co-author of Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine

 “Green Medicine is a courageous, profound, and rich journey through philosophy, culture, history, and healing practice that should be read by all who practice medicine and all who seek healing. Dr. Malerba provides the insight, wisdom, clinical expertise, and grand vision needed to recreate our health care philosophy, practices, and delivery system in ways that bring true healing and genuine holistic response to all who ail.”
—Edward Tick, PhD, author of War and the Soul and The Practice of Dream Healing

Green Medicine is a bold and comprehensive approach to harnessing one’s life force to heal body, mind, and spirit, akin to the ancient wisdom teachings found in many cultures the world over. This book will create much-needed changes in the way we think about illness, medicine, and what it means to be truly healthy in the twenty-first century.”
—Tom Cowan, author of Fire in the Head: Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit and Yearning for the Wind: Celtic Reflections on Nature and the Soul

“I wholeheartedly believe this book is needed because it shows why the materialistic/mechanistic approach of modern medicine does not work, and because it points to the critical factor left out in modern medicine: the role that a person’s life force plays in healing.”
—Carol K. Anthony, co-founder of The I Ching Institute, author of A Guide to the I Ching, and co-author of Healing Yourself the Cosmic Way

“Readers will be pleased and challenged by the breadth and the scope of [Green Medicine]. The book covers a diverse range of approaches to health and healing while introducing homeopathy and the concepts of the vital force with elegance and wit. [Malerba] goes on to discuss elements of shamanism, oracles (such as the I Ching), dreamwork, astrology, alchemy, numerology, mythology, synchronicity and the need for balance between right and left brain thinking, intuiting and feeling. Malerba accomplishes this tour-de-force by connecting each of these areas to the healing process with case studies and personal experiences… Malerba’s text is nothing short of visionary. He acknowledges that his ideals are lofty, but at the same time offers a glimpse of the true potential for healing in a broader sense… His green medicine is the acme of a truly holistic integrative medical approach that eschews suppressive therapies, when possible, and pursues the vision of illness as an opportunity for body, mind and soul to overcome adversity on a journey towards further development.”
—Ronald Whitmont, American Journal of Homeopathic Medicine

Green Medicine blends a philosophy of healing, ecological consciousness and spirituality with a critique of conventional medicine to give readers a new vision of health and its care that combines the best of traditional and holistic healing.”
Viva Magazine

Green Medicine offers a fine blend of ancient and modern healing traditions… [it] provides a blueprint for total wellness.”
Midwest Book Review

Dr. Malerba promotes green medicine as the coming together of both conventional medicine and alternative medicine in order to form a balanced approach to healing… Green Medicine is a lengthy read, but don’t let that be a discouraging factor from engaging in its philosophical discussions… there is not a wasted word in between covers.”

Green Medicine is a new way of thinking about health care that takes into account the interconnectedness of all things: the brain to the body to the soul, bodies to families to communities to the planet to the cosmos. So that physicians don’t risk ‘becoming mere technicians of the body,’ Malerba offers possibilities in healing that involve the whole person. He melds conventional with alternative medicine and draws on the fields of physics, philosophy, shamanism, alchemy and orthodox medicine to create a new paradigm in healing.”
New Consciousness Review

Green Medicine is designed to translate some of the issues normally found only in the rarified academic world of the history and philosophy of science, and render them both accessible and practically applicable to the general public and to the conventional and alternative medical communities.”
Educators Reviews

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