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New Release: Divine Love Astrology

What if we were to stop looking at astrology as a tool for divination and instead understand it as a way to attain self-knowledge and take responsibility for our lives? Divine Love Astrology: Revealing Spiritual Truth for Personal Transformation offers a fresh view of this ancient system, helping people understand their individual mission and find their …continue


What Editing Yoga Adjustments Taught Me About the Power of Touch

Yoga Adjustments: Philosophy, Principles, and Techniques, the third of Mark Stephens’s guides to teaching yoga, was the first that I had the pleasure of editing. Though I am not now and will never be a yoga teacher, I’m surprised by how much I, a perpetual beginner, learned while working on this book. Yoga Adjustments is …continue

Guiding Yoga in the Twenty-First Century

Mark Stephens writes, In its noun form, the Sanskrit term guru means “one who shares knowledge,” while as an adjective it means “heavy” or “weighty” in reference to spiritual knowledge. Some have suggested that the separate syllables gu and ru refer to dark and light, with the role of the guru being to impart the …continue

6 Essential Heart-Centered Breathing Exercises to Treat Anxiety

Dr. Marcey Shapiro writes: It might seem obvious that breathing is essential to well-being, but it is rarely discussed in conventional medical contexts. Breathing is taken for granted, unless, of course, there is some specific ailment like asthma, pneumonia, or emphysema that impairs it. Numerous spiritual and health traditions offer a variety of breathing techniques, …continue

Yoga in the Classroom

A recent study by California State University, Los Angeles found that yoga improves students’ behavior, physical health, academic performance, and attitudes toward themselves. A perfect resource for schools seeking to incorporate yoga and mindfulness programs into their curriculum, or for parents to encourage body-mind awareness at home, Creative Yoga for Children promotes physical, emotional, and …continue

Hot Yoga: Eating For Success

With increased vitality, weight loss, detoxification, increased mental clarity, and reduced stress on the menu[1], it’s hard to turn down the benefits that Hot Yoga dishes out. I’ve found that Hot Yoga can be a great way to transform the mind and the body. However, like anything good in life, you’re going to have to …continue