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New Release: Die Wise

Video by Ian MacKenzie After two decades working in palliative care, Stephen Jenkinson came to the conclusion that, as a culture and a species, we are utterly unprepared to embrace death and the grief that comes with it. We avoid confronting it at all costs—instead, we talk about prayers, hope, positivity, treatments, alternatives, the afterlife—pretty …continue

Women’s History Spotlight: The Diary of a Teenage Girl

Only about half of us will ever really know what it’s like to be a teenage girl. Others depend on stories to better understand the experience, which can be difficult to tell, and even harder to portray authentically. Yet, this year’s Sundance Festival saw the premiere of a film that depicts the raw emotion of female adolescence perhaps more …continue

Women’s History Spotlight: Sister Abegail Ntleko

Sister Abegail Ntleko—later “Gogo” (grandma) to hundreds of children orphaned by AIDS, and honored by His Holiness the Dalai Lama with the Unsung Heroes of Compassion Award—started working at the age of six. Apartheid was yet to happen, and Abe was living in a rural village in South Africa. Her five older siblings had all …continue

A Lyrical and Life-Changing Book on Dying Wise

Stephen Jenkinson, a palliative care consultant with over two decades of experience working with dying people and their families, helps readers re-imagine how we die and how we care for our dying loved ones in his new book, Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul. Video by Ian MacKenzie Die Wise will be on sale on March 17, …continue

Trivia: Is a Coconut a Fruit, a Seed, or a Nut?

Yesterday on the North Atlantic Books Facebook page, we asked fans to guess whether coconut is a fruit, a seed, or a nut. The answer? Well, it’s tricky, because the answer could be all three, OR, none of them! A coconut is actually considered a drupe, which the Library of Congress defines as “a fruit …continue

What’s So Funny About Death?

The following is an excerpt from the anthology, Exit Laughing: How Humor Takes the Sting Out of Death (on sale May 10, 2012)   She Laughed Until She Died by Victoria Zackheim Six weeks before she died, my mother and I were together in her apartment, a rare January sunlight streaming across the living room …continue