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Watch the Book Trailer for Ocean Country

  ABOUT THE BOOK Ocean Country is an adventure story, a call to action, and a poetic meditation on the state of the seas. But most importantly it is the story of finding true hope in the midst of one of the greatest crises to face humankind, the rapidly degrading state of our environment. After …continue

Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary

Gay Dillingham’s film about the relationship between Leary and Dass before Leary’s death is coming to Bay Area theaters July 10th! Opening July 10th Dying to Know: Ram Dass & Timothy Leary is turning on in the Bay Area in just a couple of weeks. Make note that during the opening weekend the film makers and …continue

Watch the trailer for The Diary of a Teenage Girl

First released in 2002, Phoebe Gloeckner’s The Diary of Teenage Girl, tells the provocative and often wrenching story of fifteen-year-old Minnie Goetze, who longs for love and acceptance and struggles with her own precocious sexuality. According to The San Francisco Chronicle, “Minnie is one of the most believable teenage protagonists ever written, a complicated, contradictory child posing as a woman. Her ‘Diary’ is a …continue

Preview Our Latest Audiobooks

In case you were curious what our new audiobooks sound like, we put together some samples for you! You can listen to one or all of them below. To find out more about each book, follow the link below its video, or get an overview on all of them by clicking here! Dispelling Wetiko Find the book here. …continue

Humanity’s Role in Our Changing World

Filmmaker Ian MacKenzie has worked with NAB authors Charles Eisenstein and Stephen Jenkinson on a number of occasions. In honor of Earth Day this month, we’d like to share two of these collaborations, which touch on questions that many of us have been asking ourselves: What is it to be human in a world impacted by issues such …continue

Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein: A Short Film

Check out this great short film that Ian MacKenzie put together, which looks at the ideas discussed in Charles Eisenstein’s book, Sacred Economics. The Spanish edition of Eisenstein’s book, Sacroeconomía, will also be available on April 14!