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Recipe Monday: How to Make Your Own Nut Milks

Excerpt adapted from Sweet Gratitude by Matthew Rogers, and Tiziana Alipo Tamborra and I Am Grateful by Terces Engelhardt and Orchid. Making Nut Milk You can make nut milk out of almost any kind of nut. The process is very simple: All you do is blend soaked or unsoaked (depending on the nut) nuts with water and strain out …continue

Recipe Monday: Microgreen Salad

With warmer weather on its way, it’s time to leave heavier foods like soups and stews behind to make room for light and refreshing summery meals. This microgreen salad is from Beryn and Peter Daniel’s Rawlicious Superfoods; in addition to a ton of great recipes, there are wonderful, whimsical illustrations from the authors that are definitely worth a …continue

Recipe Monday: Grab & Go Vegan Breakfasts

A proper, well-balanced breakfast—allegedly the most important meal of the day—is, for me, usually replaced with a coffee and maybe a bagel or breakfast bar. During the work week in particular, I happily let convenience win. While a hit of caffeine and sugar provides some instant gratification, the mid-morning slump that follows does not feel the best. In an effort …continue

Recipe Monday: Blue Agave Nectar Triple Berry Tart

Blue Agave Nectar Triple Berry Tart with Rustic Hemp Flour Crust Makes 1 tart Ingredients Tart Crust (makes 2 disks) ¼ cup ice water, ice cubes removed 3 tablespoons sour cream 1 cup all-purpose flour ¼ cup hemp flour 1 teaspoon sugar ½ teaspoon salt 7 tablespoons unsalted butter, chilled Tart Filling 1 tart crust …continue