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Annie Powell’s Dandelion Coffee

In honor of National Nutrition Month, we wanted to share with you Annie Powell’s recipe for dandelion coffee. With a rich and full-bodied taste similar to real coffee, but free of the bitterness and acidity, this alternative is the perfect way to finally replace your morning cup! You can find this recipe, along with 500 …continue

“Sign from the Universe” from May I Be Frank

At fifty-four years old, Frank Ferrante was sick, lonely, and lost. A former addict, Frank’s host of medical issues was rivaled only by his long list of failed relationships. One night, almost by accident, Frank found himself in a Café Gratitude looking for a cup of coffee. What he got instead changed his life forever… …continue

New Release: Green Smoothie Retreat

For those of us who aren’t celebrities, it’s difficult to find the time and money to commit to a healthy and effective cleanse. While retreats are lovely, they can also be prohibitively expensive. Cleansing at home is great, but anyone with a roommate can tell you how difficult it is to stick to a diet …continue

New Release: May I Be Frank

Wheatgrass looked like the bright green slush left behind in the lawnmower bag after cutting a damp yard. But if consuming stuff from the back of a lawnmower was the answer to all my problems, maybe I needed to give this medicine a chance.                       …continue

New Release: Raw Cookies

Julia Corbett’s Raw Cookies delivers essential superfood alchemical knowledge. The recipes within these pages cover all the basics and all the superfoods—cacao, chaga mushroom, camu camu berry, coconut, and many, many more. Raw Cookies is a brilliant addition to your health and healing menu and library. —David Wolfe, author of Superfoods and Longevity Now Cookies are a classic …continue

Sample Recipe from Raw Chocolate Treats: Raw Chocochino

As the Winter holidays approach, many of us are preparing to indulge in treats that any other time of year might be forbidden. I’ve already outed myself as a sucker for all things pumpkin-flavored in the Fall. Any other time, a slab of pumpkin pie would hardly seem appealing, but something about cold weather and the smell of …continue