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Spiritual Spring Cleaning: Detox 101

Spring cleaning is all about getting into those dark, musty corners of your life and clearing them out. Whether that means you’re straightening up your home, office, or garden, doing some emotional clean up, or cleansing your body, we encourage you to dig in and start setting intentions and building up practices that will fortify you throughout the year. Trying a detox, …continue

What Does Food Safety Mean to You?

The FDA’s newest additions to its 2011 Food Safety Modernization Act are aimed at preventing food-borne illness outbreaks before they become, well… outbreaks. This effort to advance the food industry may seem ironic to Californians who voted for the GMO Labeling initiative last year, only to see it defeated with a 46 million dollar campaign …continue

How to Detox from Your Smart Phone

According to a study published in Addiction Research and Theory, heavy cell phone use can cause health problems like insomnia, social dysfunction, anxiety, and depression. But walking down the street, it seems that the majority of people are talking, texting or web browsing on their smart phones! In Detox Your World Shazzie discusses even more …continue