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“Poor Yorick” by Theodore Sturgeon

With Halloween just one day away, what better way to celebrate than to share a spooky story? We’ve picked a short story by Theodore Sturgeon from our collection Killdozer!.   Poor Yorick If you don’t want to read an unpleasant story, we are even. Because I didn’t want to write it either. It can be told because …continue

Preview Our Latest Audiobooks

In case you were curious what our new audiobooks sound like, we put together some samples for you! You can listen to one or all of them below. To find out more about each book, follow the link below its video, or get an overview on all of them by clicking here! Dispelling Wetiko Find the book here. …continue

Audiobooks Now Available!

We’re happy to announce that NAB is now offering audiobooks! Below, you can read more about the titles we have available in this new format.   Dispelling Wetiko With nearly 1 in 4 adults suffering from a diagnosable mental disorder, individual psychosis has become a prominent topic in the public forum. Paul Levy‘s Dispelling Wetiko explores …continue

The Emissary by Patricia Cori – Free Chapter

Chapter 1 – Earth Under Siege Nathan Beals punched out from work at precisely 6:00 p.m., smack in the middle of Los Angeles rush hour. After the most ballistic holiday shopping mania he had ever seen in his twenty-odd years working security at the mall, he finally had an entire weekend off. Exhausted, he dragged …continue