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The Storms & Archetype of Neptune

Below is an adapted excerpt from Richard Grossinger’s The Night Sky: Neptune Neptune is very blue—not the oceanic blue of Earth but the electrical blue of lapis lazuli or the flame of a pilot light—blue like exoplanet HD 189733b. Neptune’s atmosphere consists of layers of mostly hydrogen and helium floating above its surface, with moderate doses of …continue

Moons of Jupiter: Io and Europa

Excerpted from The Night Sky, by Richard Grossinger. The Moons of Jupiter Io There was nothing to prepare Earth for Io, the first Jovian world visited by Voyager in 1979. Instead of drab craters as expected, Io startled Earth with vistas of flaky sulphur-yellow sands that looked like a gigantic pizza from which volcanoes were actively shooting …continue

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Chances are you’ve heard at least one person blame a Mercury retrograde for their busted phone, missing emails, or other technological misfirings. Living and working where I do, I’ve grown fairly comfortable with the idea—I’ve had at least one meeting rescheduled because of Mercury retrograde-related issues—without ever thinking about what it means, and why it happens. So, what does it mean for …continue

Letter from the Publisher: The History and Future of North Atlantic Books

Hello friends, Throughout its history, North Atlantic Books has presented books on a wide range of subject areas, from health and healing modalities to indigenous wisdom and spirituality. And while the topics of our publishing range widely, a primary theme remains the story of humanity and the exploration of our history, folklore, and cultural foundations. …continue

“The Night Sky As View” from The Night Sky

by Richard Grossinger In the following excerpt from The Night Sky, Richard Grossinger takes readers on a poetic journey through the constellations. You can read “Summer” to find out more about what the coming season’s sky has in store for us.   The Night Sky As View Spring It is a clear moonless night, a …continue

New Release: Pluto

Astronomy buffs, poets, philosophers, astrologers, and indeed anyone interested in archetypes will dig into this collection of short and long writings about Pluto with relish. Timed to coincide with NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft’s imaging of Pluto in July 2015, this anthology offers perspectives on the meaning of Pluto from a diverse set of contributors including …continue