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Fall Skincare DIYs from Pip Waller

Colder autumn air brings with it some of our favorite things: chunky sweaters, changing leaves, and a gentle reminder to slow down, stay in, and burrow under the covers with a good book. It also necessitates a change in our skincare regimens, when summer’s lighter lotions fail to stand up to fall’s crisp, cool weather. …continue

Annie Powell’s Dandelion Coffee

In honor of National Nutrition Month, we wanted to share with you Annie Powell’s recipe for dandelion coffee. With a rich and full-bodied taste similar to real coffee, but free of the bitterness and acidity, this alternative is the perfect way to finally replace your morning cup! You can find this recipe, along with 500 …continue

“Sourcing Herbs” from The Herbal Handbook

by Pip Waller The following chapter is from The Herbal Handbook for Home & Health by Pip Waller. The book includes 501 recipes for healthy living, covering everything from green cleaning to herbal medicine to natural beauty products to food and drink (alcoholic and nonalcoholic). It’s also fresh off the press this week!     SOURCING HERBS Sourcing herbs …continue

New Release: The Herbal Handbook for Home and Health

One of my favorite herbal authors hits a home run again! I didn’t know you could do so many things with herbs. Pip Waller stretches the herbal imagination! — Matthew Wood, herbalist and author of The Book of Herbal Wisdom Kitchen pharmacy meets green cleaning and natural beauty in this comprehensive handbook of 501 recipes …continue

Pip Waller’s Love Spell Bath Salts

Whether you’re planning to spend this Valentine’s Day paired up or solo, treat yourself to a luxurious and restorative salt bath. The recipe below, from Pip Waller’s forthcoming book, The Herbal Handbook for Home & Health, is the perfect way to spend some “me” time or enjoy a romantic evening with a partner.   Ingredients: • 3 …continue