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Fifty Shades of Grey and the Rise of Control Addiction

by Jalaja Bonheim Last month, author E.L. James released yet another installation in the wildly popular series Fifty Shades of Grey, this time from the perspective of Christian Grey, a billionaire entrepreneur with a penchant for sexual bondage, dominance, and sadism. The book quickly joined the rest of the series on bestseller lists nationwide proving, in the …continue

To My Sisters in Israel and Palestine

Guest Post by Jalaja Bonheim Reposted with permission from JalajaBonheim.com. It’s evening in Ithaca, and we’re having a thunderstorm. And now, the power has gone out and the whole room is plunged into darkness, as if to reflect the darkness that threatens to engulf your world. Beloved sisters, my heart is aching for you. How …continue